Friday, 4 May 2012

Things I want

There are so many things I want right now! probably because I'm trying so very hard to distract myself from doing my uni work... Which I'll do after this, or maybe after a bit of internet shopping? 

The Dannijo Bracelet front and centre is just one of many beautiful pieces that they have. All with a bigger price tag than I can afford (sadly). However, after some hunting I found Juicy Couture do some similar bracelets, not as nice but pretty close! and they are on sale at the moment :D WIN

Of course there is some Josh Goot, my one true love. I will have to save up for this $400 skirt, but it's worth it. His stuff always is. 

I also really want a beanie with a pom pom! They are so terribly cute! 

Now back to my homework -_-
Things I want

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