Saturday, 30 June 2012



This shoot was a bit different to normal ... first one when my make-up has been more natural and I love it! It is one of my faves so far. Clothing is by Saskia, photography by Carmen Rose and Make-up by Jina Byun.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Jewelry Display

After reading a pair and a spare I found some amazing ideas for holiday DIY tasks! I always seem to get bored of holidays, but I think a list of DIY jobs could help the slow days move a little faster. Of all the incredible posts, I found this one to be the most inspiring, probably because it combines my love for interiors and fashion. Origionaly sourced at The Glitter Guide is this wall hanging system for beautiful jewelry. I currently have my jewels stacked on hangers behind my door, but I'm still not happy! This idea could transform my jewelry collection in to a master piece. 

I was also thinking that maybe a collection of crystal knobs could be a substitute for this intricate branch-like system (that would be hard to source). The following knobs can be found at Anthropologie


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Shoes I want and need


High heels, $124

So I've been making a mental collection of the shoes I desperately want! and so I thought why not make these dreams that little bit more real by posting a picture of all my dream shoes together. ahhhhh heaven! 


First up is the Top shop sandal shoes ... slightly impractical because it's winter here still, but honestly I just can't resist that to die for metallic heel. Picture this. those shoes, waxed black denim J-brands, plain white T and a black fur vest. simple sophistication. 

Across from that are the Zara black Sandals, also impractical. However, this style is so very trending at the moment, and because the heel isn't too high, there's no platform and there is an ankle strap, I think you could get away with wearing these anywhere all the time. A timeless shoe that you'd have in your wardrobe forever. 

This next shoe shocked me. I love the new Preen designs with the intricate pattern and pixillation of the print. amazing! And then to find out that these shoes i've been lusting over ... are ALDO!!! what?!?! so so so cheap! These shoes in summer with white jeans and a plain white T and blazer 

Then we have the Mango heels with awesome perspex fluro heel. If only these could be bought in Australia :( 

Last but not least the steel cap Zara pumps. On top of the fashion trends at the moment are steel capped shoes and pointy pumps. combine the two and you get shoes to die for. My Mum claims that these would be super uncomfortable but I claim they would be super awesome!

So first up to buy? Top Shop sandals!!